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12th June 2008

Phases or obsessions?

Gosh am starting to really hate computers....as i started my post with such delight, it goes BAM! and freezes and i had restart all over really almost made me not want to write. But then i realize how good the internet has been for me lately and i forgive it all. I wonder if it's time to invest on a laptop.....
The post i had written was about my little "quirks" so here is my new found knowledge am a woman of phases: 
Autumn: Dramas, mostly Asian and the rare American.
Winter: Mangas, sort of become like an otaku without the whole collection business.
Spring: Movies, romantic comedies and independent or internation movies...not too sappy since i would rather shoot myself.
Summer: Books from my favorite authors first and then towards the end anything that may resemble their works but from someone i have never read before.

2nd June 2008

Summer is officially here, for me. Yes because unless is June it does not feel like "real summer", when we can finally go on those trips that we have been planning all winter long on those freezing nights....hehe. Most importantly though are the adventures to overcome with all the weddings that i need to attend or do my duties as a bridesmaid. Are you wondering what has brought up all this blabbering so suddenly? Well i just spent my weekend watching those romantic comedies i wanted to take a break from, afterall you can only watch so many remakes of the same movie or get tired of predicting what will happen in the next scene. 
So as i finished "27 dresses" and looked through one of my closets just to make sure there were not the same amount there. Of course wondering if when i get married (BIG IF), should i make my friends who tortured me with those hedious dresses wear it themselves and see how it felt for me....hohoho. 
Then i went ahead and watched "P.S. I love you" right after just because i had read the book and of course LOVED it so had to watch the movie and see if it followed it. Have to say the book was way better, too many cliches on the movie but still enjoyable. Besides somehow the image i had of the main actress was not the same, even if she's good i just cannot picture it or rather it hardly fit.
So far those are the only ones that make an impression, the others were too lame but am off to watch "Juno" since i have the day off i figure i will give it one more day and see how it goes. I will update this post later with more blabbering since it feels to good to get it off my chest.

30th April 2008

My poor nerves

Seriously there are just some mangas that really just cling on to cliffhangers way too muc h and leave readers, like me who waits for chapter releases quite troubled. These mangas is not like i do not already know before i start reading that it will be like this, but somehow i cannot help myself, as much self-control that i have can vanish over time. Mind you i actually believe the mangakas are great for evoking such feelings out of me but i really wish they will put longer "happy moments" when that is done and not just leave it until the very last chapter. Here is a list so that those who read this can be aware and wait until all scantalations or at least the raws are complete before beginning to read.

Vampire Knight
Crimson Hero (although it has a lot of humor in between so is almost alright)
Kodomo no Jinkan 
Skip beat
The bride of the water God

28th April 2008

 Am not sure how many have already read this manga but am sure is quite popular. From the anime and movies we just cannot get enough. In the past few volumes too many questions have arised and up until this chapter we barely had any answers.....OMG thank you for scantalations group.  
Looking into the future: One of the biggest questions was regarding "Ren(child)", we were not sure wether he was really Takumi's son since he looks so much like Shin, but so far it seems to be so. Now am just confused about wether i got it right in this chapter and he is Hachiko"s son and not Reira....ah this is really driving me nuts, but for now i let it go. The other big question was regarding Ren, was he alive or not? It seemed that Nana left Japan because whatever happened between them(we have yet to see what that is)....In this chapter it seems he is either dead or has disappeared because Reira is missing him so much she will not even sing, unless of course Ren(child) plays for her. 
In the present: I loved that Ren named Satsuki....and makes me wonder because of the whole flower naming thing if perhaps she is twins with Ren(child)....i guess am still really confuse on that one. Anyway so we also find out that Reira and Takumi did indeed sleep together on the last chapter....really that guy makes the veins in my head pop out in every chapter. BTW, how come Ren(child) does not want to be in Japan, could it be because his father's affair? Is he being bullied? Also why did Takumi say that Hachi would send him back on the holiday's anyway? Is that the Ren she meant when she asked Takumi on the last chapter how he was doing?

25th April 2008

Just yesterday i was commenting on how some mangas really can disappoint you when the ending is not the way you expect. Today was the biggest disappointment for me, because one of my favorire yaoi manga "when a man loves a man" ending turned out horrible for me. I say for me because someone else may not feel that way. I have noticed that everyone sometimes have a favorite when reading about pairing leads, but am one of those people where is not based on the character but the connection portrayed by the mangaka. I feel that if you show two main leads having a really good relationship and love each other dearly, it's to make us believe that it will somehow end up being them....unless one dies of course. But to just have a third wheel appear later and then end with one of our lead, it's just cruel. It makes me hate the manga and be quite angry at the mangaka for changing her mind. Shame because i really enjoy this mangakas work, Haru wo daiteta is a good example of how couplings work.

Another of my disappointments is "Kodomo no Jinkan", right i know am going to a total other end, but that's just how it is. Unlike many others who have read or heard about this manga am not disturbed by the lolicon factor because am quite open minded, but lately am scared to read onto the next chapters after volume 4.  Now is probably not why everyone else has a problem, my issue is that Reiji is getting more disturbing by the second....mind you it's not like i already did not know while reading that he had some issues but boy it's getting dark. I would not have a problem if he loved her for herself and if the mangaka showed that whatever is happening is not due to their traumas.....as some may say "tell me is all about love" but since is not my heart throbs and hands shake as i read, now i can see why the licensing was cancelled.

You know i tend to read based on moods, but after this i really need to find something stupid or with quite the comedy and absolutely no drama to pick me up or am going to go insane. Oh well for now let me go get a cold beer and some chocolares.

20th April 2008

once you start

I have recently realized that i have a weird routine or should i call it addiction?...Everyday without fail before i do anything else, while drinking some hot chocolate i end up checking baka updates and the evil empire to see if any of the mangas that am reading have updates. Then in the even i have time i end up checking my friends here to see if there are any new updates on raws....honestly i need to start getting a life.

16th April 2008

Miracles do happen

So i have been quite busy lately searching for my favorite mangas online to finish them in raw and guess what, i found them.....it's true what they say if you keep searching high and low eventually you will just stumble upon it.

List of completed in raw:Yaoi/*Shoujo
*Billion Girl?Breakfast Club
*Kaikan PhraseInu Catalog
*Ai GirlOto no Nai Ame wa Furitsuzuku
*Haou AirenKoi wa Itsumo
*KinjikiKomatta Toki
*Aisuru HitoGravitation
*Desire ClimaxInshallah
*Love MonsterKokkyou no Chou
*First GirlKonoyo Ibun
*Get YouPunch
*Honey Honey DropsDear Gentle Papa
*IngenuoPlay boy blues
*Romance PapaWhen a man loves a man
*Steel RoseKoori no
*Love CelebRabu Kue
*SenseiAkutai wa Toiki to Mazariau
*KissBoku no suki na sensei
*Renai shijoPrince charming
*Wild ActAmaiyo maiyo
*Platinum ardenG-Senjou no Neko
*Yurara no TsukiAikotoba wa Hallelujah
*Youth Gone WildSeiryou Saikyou Monogatari
*Boku wa imoutoKoi ni Kiku Okusuri
*BloomingKimi no Tsuku Uso to Hontou
*Koisuru 1/4Trouble Maker
*Yokubou to koi Yome niKohitsuji Hokaku Keikaku
*Yoru Made MatenaiKoi no Tsumeato
*Comic?Not for sale
*Ai himeKawaige
*Cat street?Takarara Corporation
*Elio and YvetteSaa Koi ni
*Kindan Series?Seihuku no Tameno
*Binetsu ShoujoKoibi
*Toriko Aigan ShoujoYononaka wa Bokura ni Amai 
*Honey kidsAi ga kami wo
*Sonan JyanaiyoIn the waltnut
*Be My Sweet DarlingKinzetsu x Eden
*17 Sai no mamaRenai Dokusenyoku
*7 Jikanme RhapsodyRenai Shinan
*It's not like that darlingYuuwaku no Hitsuji
*Happy worldLove plus alpha
*Amai himitsu, amai shigekiUnbalanced Heat
*Mousou Shoujo  Doctor's rule
*8mmDog Style?
*Dokidoki saseteOrganic son
*Asa MadeHaito diamond
*Hajimete na noniBokudake no ousama
*My darling, my fleshSunflower
Dynamite Daddy
Yebisu celebrities?
Wonder drug of love
Koisuru Kimochi
Tsumibito no kiss
Damatte Naite
Anata Dake wo Matteru
Anata wa Boku Dake no Hana  
Taiyou no romance
Bokura wa Setsunaku Koi wo suru  
Crazy for You
Ai to Iu Na no Sokubaku
Chiru Chiru Sakura 
Kimi wa Boku no Omou Tsubo
Kyuukan desu
Lovely Day 
Moero! Ii Otoko
Destinies Cross
From 701 Gousitsu
Kemono series?
Hidoku Shinaide
Sexy Effect 96
Stop! In the Name of Love  
Furueru Hana
Life for Love
Kuchibiru Kara Knife
Suki Kamoshirenai
Love body guard
 Sekai wa temee
 In the walnut
 A relationship still at level 1
 Puchi Puri


Ongoing raw list: Yaoi/*Shoujo
Ai to Yokubou wa Gakuen de v5
*Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero! v4
*Beauty Pop v8
Blind Love v1
Brother x Brother v3
*Crimson Hero v12
Double Call v10
Freezing Flame v5 
*Full house kiss v5
*Goong v17
GP Gakuen v2
Haru wa v13
Junjou romantica v10
Kamisama no ude v3
Kirepapa v2
Koi cha v4
Kurashina Sensei's Passion  v3
Kyuuketsuki no Shouzou v1
*La Corda v10
Lovely Sick v4
Okane ga nai v7
Our Kingdom v6
*Perfect Girl Evolution v20
*Rasetsu no v4
Shitsuren mania v6
*Special A v13
Takumi-kun Series v7
*The bride of the water God v5
*The One v6
The Summit v7
The Whole Family of Nakagamike v2
Totally Captivated v4
*Tsuki no shippo v13
Voice or Noise v2
Ze v6


16th January 2008


Today is just one of those days when i notice little things like mangas on the wrong genre, particularly when it comes to boys love. Correct me if am wrong but shounen ai means no sexual scenes shown or implication of boys liking boys; yaoi in the other hand can be explicit or what is called hard yaoi or unexplicit scenes which is soft yaoi. Why oh why would someone say is yaoi when there is not even a scene at all or implication that there is one???!!! Because there was a kiss!!!??? 

7th January 2008

Today i saw some beautiful yaoi art by  Myoujin Tsubasa so i wanted to know which mangas it belonged to, but it was like trying to find a particular coin in the myst of many.....so i decided to give up because i know that eventually i will find out and when i do i will enjoy that moment and probably scream my lungs out in victory.....believe me even i know how weird of a person i can be, if someone knows though please do drop me a line.
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